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Head of Affiliates and Acquisition

This is a chance to set up and own the acquisition channels for multiple new iGaming brands, focusing on affiliation in particular. In this role you will be responsible for all aspects of affiliation, starting from the structuring of deals through to continuous optimisation with a strong focus on ROI. You will also be responsible for overseeing and managing other acquisition channels and you will be an integral part of setting up the process to make each brand successful. If you have an Awesome idea and can find a way to make it happen, our client will back it up, so that each day when you go to work, what you do actually contributes to the success of the business you are part of.

Our client is a Malta-based digital marketing and business strategy company established to create awesomeness in the iGaming industry. They have worked for big companies, felt the frustrations, and they want to do things better, thus they created a lean organisation where every person makes a real difference, helping to shape our brands. The company was founded to push the boundaries of what players expect from online gambling and they have some BIG plans ahead.

What Is The Role Responsible For?

This is a hands on role where you will be responsible for the acquisition channels. You will choose the attribution platforms that power them and the partners that they work with, having strong input on their brands from launch and throughout their lifecycle. The key focus is on affiliation, but you will also be responsible for other acquisition channels including, but not limited to, programmatic, PPC, and social.

– Work with MD on new brand concepts, including site functionality
– Establish processes related to acquisition and affiliation
– Liaise with suppliers and choose affiliate software that they will use for each brand
– Set up deals with new affiliates
– Constantly evaluate and report on affiliate performance with a view to optimising each partnership
– Manage, maintain, and grow acquisition channels with a strong focus on ROI
– Create engagement with innovative campaigns
– Analyse campaign performance and implement learnings in future campaigns
– Regularly communicate with affiliates and update them on awesome developments
– Manage affiliate partner sites, including the creation and management of landing pages
– Source and set up deals with casino streamers
– Attend networking events to develop new partnerships
– Manage key acquisition channels such as programmatic, PPC, and social

Which Skills Are Needed?
– Experience within Affiliation in the iGaming industry (with a strong network of affiliates)
– Knowledge of online gambling regulation under different licenses
– Strong numbers focus with a good understand of ROI
– Be comfortable at networking events to develop new partners
– Knock down doors when it is needed – Negotiation skills that could baffle a used car salesman
– Experience in other acquisition channels is a positive
– Ability to identify problems and find solutions
– Own what you do; have an idea and make it happen
– Ability to see through the eyes of the customer
– Be able to receive and give feedback, both positive and negative
– Adopt an ROI approach to marketing and focus your time on what makes the biggest impact for the business

Head of Affiliates and Acquisition: List
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