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Head of Game Development


Our client is seeking a Head of Game Development who will lead game development teams and consultants through a deep understanding of all processes that go into making gambling games that will be deployed across multiple product verticals. 

In addition, the role performs a multitude of tasks to manage, meet and or exceed product roadmap goals. This position possesses a deep understanding of the following, including but not limited to: different types of technology utilized by game programmers; the software utilized by the game design artists; an understanding of the quality assurance processes and procedures; and Independent, State and Tribal testing and certification laboratory processes and procedures.

The role demonstrates the knowledge, leadership and direction required to intellectually convey ideas across all internal stakeholder groups and ensures the success of the game studios at every point of the development lifecycle, strategic roadmap planning and execution of all goals.


  • Ensures all internal and external stakeholders are aligned to develop industry leading gaming products

  • Mentors and educates staff on development processes and successful development strategies

  • Build the required framework to prepare for scalability from a technical perspective.

  • Understands the product roadmap to best aid timeline schedules and development guidelines

  • Performs duties with demonstrated understanding of key Development areas including but not limited to: Game Programming; Sound and Art Production; Quality Assurance Testing; Independent, Tribal and Commercial Certification Testing, Tribal, Commercial and International Jurisdictional requirements; Development Processes/Timelines; Game Reviews and Customer Focused Testing


  • Degree in Computer Science or Engineering, Mathematics, Graphic Design, Digital Art or related field experience and subject matter expertise

  • 2+ years of experience in running a Casino Gambling Gaming Development Studio

  • From an Art Software perspective, demonstrated functional knowledge and understanding in all industry standard software

  • From a Programming Infrastructure perspective, demonstrated ability to work with Programmers regarding the work environment and assisting the team in bouncing ideas and issues with each other to derive solutions

  • From a Sound Production perspective, demonstrated understanding of the Development process and how to convey to Sound Engineers intelligently to achieve the desired feels from the product’s audio output

  • From the Game Design and Math perspective, demonstrated understanding of the process and how the story of the game and the player “ride” counts on the right math

  • From an Intellectual Property perspective, demonstrates knowledge of how to develop for an IP future or steer away from possible infringements

  • From a Studio Operational perspective, demonstrates knowledge and understanding of general Studio business including but limited to: scheduling and time management

  • Excellent communication, and interaction skills; collaborating in a team environment

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