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Marketing Manager (Italy)

Italy / Malta (on-site / remote)

Our client is looking for a marketing manager to join their growing, dynamic and fast-paced Marketing team. This role is  to support the organizational planning of the marketing function dedicated to Italy. 

Key Responsibilities:  

  • Develop a full marketing strategy and manage its execution, budget, deadlines and deliverables; 

  • Promote their brand in a premium format in any channels / activities that are relevant to the country and  their audiences; 

  • Proactively develop ideas and opportunities for current partners & prospects; 

  • Manage a marketing budget than spans across ATL, and BTL activities; 

  • Deliver market / product gap analysis including player behaviors & industry trends research; 

  • Work closely with the global marketing team to adapt projects to the region; 

  • Understand all compliance / regulations related to marketing advertising and incorporate into marketing  plans; 

  • Manage offline activities such as industry events & customer events end to end –attend conferences,  client meetings in accordance with Management and Country Director; 

  • Develop a local merchandise production plan and its distribution; 

  • Manage social media channels / paid advertising platforms by developing and coordinating an online  advertising strategy (banners, editorials, interviews), as well as maintain the relationship with the third party advertisers – all in line with compliance & regulations; 

  • Create dedicated content for multiple digital channels (e.g. blogs, affiliates, paid media and social media  etc.); 

  • Manage proactive PR news but also alleviate any possible negative PR by putting in place a communication  mitigation plan to diminish negative impact; 

  • Leverage their player social platforms to educate players about their games (B2C focus); 

  • Manage the relationship with their affiliates/streamers partners – ensuring their products get prominent and  positive coverage all year round; 

  • Identify new affiliates/streamers and on-board them on their product / services – working closely with the global B2C marketing team; 

  • Translate & localise game content, product marketing & sales collaterals to support the commercial team  in promoting their portfolio; 

  • Proofreading and adapt of all type of marketing content to the Italian market (website, brochure, product  marketing materials etc.); 

  • Work with graphic designers to create banners, images and other marketing materials.

Requirements skills:

  • Expert in the Italian iGaming market from a cultural and product knowledge stand point; Understand the Italian advertising restrictions;

  • 5-8 years experience in marketing; 

  • Native in Italian and strong level of English; 

  • Understand their B2B and B2C audiences; 

  • Knowledgeable about igaming products - be a part of Players and Casinos Community, read forums, watch  streams, videos; 

  • Extremely well connected in the affiliate and streamers network within the iGaming industry; 

  • Strong research and analytical skills; 

  • Knowledge of paid media / social media platforms, Google analytics;

  • Project management / good time management skills, including prioritizing and scheduling; 

  • Ability to provide direction, influence others and develop strong working relationships with many  departments in the organization; 

  • Understanding of procurement processes & vendor management; 

  • Be proactive, friendly, passionate and energetic.

Marketing Manager (Italy): List
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