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QA Software Tester

Reports to: Head of Development / CPO 


• Understand the scope of testing within the context of each release/delivery and help define the test strategy in alignment with business goals, functional and non-functional requirements 

• Perform document analysis to identify possible non conformities between business requirements and software available for testing (including technical documentation) 

• Participate in test planning phase and prepare Test Plan document 

• Analyze & understand business requirements and technical specification documents to determine set of test cases 

• Provide test estimates for all testing lifecycle phases 

• Design, develop and perform manual test case execution according to the planned test strategy 

• Report issues found in testing promptly and accurately, using Jira 

• Troubleshoot problems and narrow down problem areas 

• Work closely with the development team to improve quality of the product 

• Verify that the software works according to customer requirements and specifications 

• Communicate with project management and customer stakeholders where necessary 

• Maintain testing documentation 

• Report test progress against schedules (planning and execution) 

• Provide a Testing Summary Report and recommendations for releases that reflects the quality attributes of the software under test


• University Degree in Computer Science or related subject 

• Understanding of the software testing lifecycle 

• Understanding of Agile methodologies 

• Ability to communicate effectively, i.e. strong written and verbal communication skills 

• Ability to work in a team 

• Attention to detail 

• A positive, quality-oriented, reliable, well organized, and flexible individual with an ability to work in a fast-paced, client-focused, dynamic environment 

• Ability to learn quickly and effectively and to remain focused in a diverse team environment 

• Understanding of automated testing would be considered an asset

QA Software Tester: List
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