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Senior Affiliate Manager


Department: Marketing 

Responsible to: Head of Marketing 

Number of direct reports: Not yet 

Number of non-direct reports: N/A 

Budgetary responsibility: Yes 

NGR / P&L responsibility: Yes 

The purpose of the role is to successfully build the Affiliate program of our client’s Brand and to purposely  build and maintain solid relations with affiliates and other marketing partners, monitoring performance  and implementing strategies to maximize their campaigns. 


• Oversee already created affiliate deals and ensure they are well monetized 

• Actively search for, and acquiring of new Affiliate partners 

• Responsible for overall performance of assigned affiliates and continuously optimize deals and campaigns 

• Manage our SEO Affiliate Operations 

• Reaching targets of ROI 

• Responsible for ensuring all material with the assigned affiliates is up to date; campaigns, design, landing pages, bonus offers, links 

• Monitoring affiliate daily performance and report any irregularities in traffic 

• Ensuring that affiliate partners are continuously compliant with any legal changes taking placeBuild and develop solid relationships with new affiliates to strengthen cooperation 

• Negotiate, develop, and analyze new and ongoing affiliate contracts and deals to maintain revenue and growth targets in line with KPIs 

• Ensure brand is represented adequately in the affiliate sites including the monitoring of reviews, trackers, and creatives 

• Analyze campaigns and account performance and optimize to deliver departmental KPIs and overall ROI fromthe owned portfolio 

• Work with numerical data to present reports and spreadsheets and potentially suggest courses of action to correct any metrics required 

• Assist in the creation of custom marketing materials as needed for the affiliate channel such as mailers, landing pages, banners, reviews etc. 

• Responsible to ensure that all affiliates are using the right advertising practices 

• Be willing to travel to attend affiliate events and keep up to date with industry trends following through with post-event reports and feedback to company stakeholders 

• Carry out regular and extensive competitor analysis and market research and give status updates to company management. 

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