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Interview Preparation Tips for Tech Jobs

Giving an interview is an intimidating aspect of applying for a job. For tech jobs, an interviewee will have to go through multiple rounds of interviews. Each of these rounds will focus on a specific area of you or the position you are applying for.

"How are the interviews conducted?" and "What should I expect?" are two of the main concerns that interviewees have before proceeding through their interviews.

This article will walk you through different sections of interviews along with some tips you can follow to ace them.

Tech job Interview Rounds

A. Video call screen round

During the first step of your interview process, the company that you apply to will contact you through email or phone and ask for a video call. This call may last from anywhere near 15 minutes to an hour.

The interviewer will ask you about your background and professional qualifications and evaluate your communication skills by asking you questions and analyzing your answers over the call. Make sure that you have a list of things that you can use to highlight your accomplishments. You can furthermore research the position and express your interest in the position that you are getting interviewed for.

B. Assignment section

In the second round, companies will have their candidate do assignments or make them solve problems to assess their problem-solving skills, and creativity and to peek into their technical knowledge of programming languages.

This process is done according to your position in the industry. This step helps them understand your technical qualifications.

Research common technical questions that are related to your role in the company.

Showcase your problem-solving skills and make sure that the interviewer clearly understands your thinking process because all they want to do in this step is to see how well you think and solve the problems you are handed.

C. Face-to-face interview

This is the final step of choosing people for the position in the company. By this time, the interviewers have narrowed the list of candidates to two or three people and know that you are qualified for the job however, they will decide on who the best fit is for the job during the in-person interview.

You might be asked behavioral and technical questions during this round.

Ensure that you are confident and think about the question before answering. At this time you can also bring up questions of your own and clarify any concerns you have for your job.

How can you prepare for the tech job interview?

Here are some of the tips that you may go through before going to a tech job interview.

1. Research the Company

Questions like; Why did you choose this industry company? are very common during an interview.

Learning about the company that you are applying for falls in one of your initial researches. You can look at their websites or LinkedIn profiles to learn about them and closely pay attention to the values of the company, products and services, leadership teams, and recent news about the company.

2. Job description

You need to go through your job description closely before an interview. Get to know what you are looking for. Look at the special skills and key phrases mentioned in the descriptions and compare them to your expertise in those areas.

For instance, your job description may require you to have leadership skills which you need to be able to justify while applying for the job

3. Prepare for common questions

Be sure that you are prepared for questions like Tell me about yourself. Be sure that you know what you want to say practice in advance and briefly focus on your current rules followed by your background. Make sure that the answers are short and meaningful.

You can also get questions about your background and technical skills so prepare in advance for the backup examples that you may need to claim your words.

How would you solve this dick problem what is your strongest coding language arsenal of the common technical questions that might be included in your interview so brush up on these technical skills and know what your answers are?

4. Preparing materials

Make sure that you have all the required documents including some copies of your resume and other documents and certificates or licenses. You may also take note of this pin and other specific tools that might be required for that role.

5. STAR method

You might be asked about our professional accomplishments. Make sure that you start by describing the situations that you were in your task what action you did and the result that you called from your action.

This helps you to break down your accomplishments into clear and understandable forms. It can also help you demonstrate your work ethic and spontaneous nature.

6. Technical support

For the first and second rounds of your interview, you may need technical support for example your audience and video technology for virtual interviews. Don't risk anything and double-check.

Check your attire for the interviews that can see you, consider mock tests and interviews in the same format as the real one, and take feedback on your video backgrounds and connection quality by asking your friends or family members.

7. Date, time and location

Review your exact time date and location for the interview. Make sure to check time zones and look for the location and parking zones. You can also set a timer-early enough to get you mentally prepared.

8. Ask questions

At the end of the third interview, you will be given time to get your questions cleared. Do as much research as you want and jot down at least three or more questions to ask in an interview. You can ask about the company schools and your rules or the structure of reporting of the company as well.


In summary, preparing for a tech job interview involves navigating through various rounds, each designed to evaluate specific aspects of the candidate.

The initial phone screen assesses communication skills and professional background, while the assignment section tests problem-solving and technical knowledge. The face-to face interview, the final step, scrutinizes candidates' behavioral and technical competencies.

To excel in these interviews, prospective candidates should research the company, understand the job description, and prepare for common questions. Familiarity with the STAR method for discussing professional accomplishments is essential.

Gathering necessary materials, ensuring technical support for virtual interviews, and reviewing interview details like time, date, and location contribute to a candidate's readiness. Additionally, formulating insightful questions about the company, roles, or reporting structure showcases genuine interest.

Success in a tech job interview involves meticulous preparation. Researching the company's values, products, and leadership is crucial. Understanding the job description, honing technical skills, and rehearsing answers to common questions are integral components of preparation.

Utilizing the STAR method for accomplishments, organizing necessary documents, and confirming technical support contribute to a candidate's confidence. Lastly, paying attention to details like interview logistics, attire, and asking thoughtful questions during the interview itself can enhance the overall impression.

In essence, mastering the art of navigating through the interview process, coupled with comprehensive preparation, positions candidates to not only showcase their technical prowess but also demonstrate their suitability for the company and the specific role.

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