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10 Common iGaming Job Roles in Malta

Listen Track - 10 Common iGaming Job Roles in Malta

Malta is a big center for online gambling jobs, known as iGaming. There are many different jobs you can find there.

Some involve making games, some are about marketing, others deal with the law, or help players with questions.

There are also jobs in technical stuff and customer support. Many companies in Malta offer these jobs.

Some famous iGaming companies in Malta are Betsson Group, Evolution Gaming, Kindred Group and LeoVegas.

The iGaming industry is one of the most important ones on the island. It's all about playing games and betting on the internet. People can gamble online, like playing poker or slot machines.

Many companies make games and run websites for this. In easy words, it's like a big playground on the internet where people play and bet money.

This industry has grown a lot, and many people around the world enjoy it. People have jobs in making games, fixing technical things, marketing, and more.

It's like a big and exciting world online where people have fun and do different jobs.

Here are 10 common iGaming job roles you might find in Malta:

1. Game Developer

In the world of iGaming, game developers are like the architects who create the fun games people play online.

They use their creativity and technical skills to design and build games for casinos and gaming websites.

Working in teams, they make sure the games are not just exciting but also work well.

Game developers often team up with graphic designers to make the games look good too.

Their job is to make sure that when you play, it's a great experience. So, in simple words, game developers in iGaming are the ones who make the online games enjoyable for all the players.

2. Software Developer/Engineer

In the world of iGaming, software developers or engineers are like the wizards who make sure all the computer stuff runs smoothly.

Their job is to create and manage the software that makes online games and betting platforms work.

They use their tech skills to build and improve the computer programs that power these games.

Working in teams, they fix problems, make updates, and create new features.

So, when you click a button or play a game, it's the work of these software wizards that makes it happen. In simple words, they make sure everything in the iGaming world works like magic!

3. Marketing Manager

In iGaming, a Marketing Manager is like a guide who helps people discover the cool games and fun things to do online.

They plan how to tell everyone about these games, using ads and promotions.

Working with teams, Marketing Managers decide the best ways to reach players, like using social media or emails.

So, in simple terms, Marketing Managers in iGaming make sure everyone hears about the exciting games and activities online, attracting more people to join in on the gaming fun.

4. Customer Support Representative

Provide assistance and support to players regarding account issues, game inquiries, and other concerns.

5. Graphic Designer

Create visually appealing graphics for online games, websites, and promotional materials.

6. Compliance Officer

Ensure that the iGaming company complies with local and international regulations.

7. SEO Specialist

Optimize online content to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic to the iGaming platform.

8. Legal Counsel

Provide legal advice and ensure that the company operates within the legal framework.

9. Financial Analyst

Manage financial aspects of the iGaming business, including budgeting and financial reporting.

10. IT Support Specialist

In iGaming, an IT Support Specialist is like a friendly helper for computer stuff. Their job is to assist players and make sure everything runs smoothly.

When players have problems with games or other tech issues, the IT Support Specialist is there to fix things.

If you're looking to see the latest job opportunities in iGaming, take a look here.

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