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Job Openings in Malta

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Malta in comparison to other countries has experienced remarkable growth in its economic landscape in recent years.

With strategic investments and diversified efforts within many sectors, Malta has gained a name in many fields like gaming and financial services.

This has opened a new portal for people in Malta to find jobs.

Here are some of the major industries for job openings in Malta.

1. iGaming

Malta has already secured its place in the gaming sector globally. This has opened several job rules for people to apply to;  software development, marketing, and many more roles can be seized if qualified for them.

2. Financial services

With the sky skyrocketing finance in Malta, the banking sector has thrived into its best condition offering abundant financial professionals the opportunities that they are looking for.

Roles like insurance and wealth advisory have become available for individuals with finance, accounting, and risk management expertise.

3. Hospitality and tourism

Malta is a popular tourist destination where hundreds of people visit daily This has led to an increase in demand for skilled professionals in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Management, guest services, guiding, and even planning are some of the job openings that you can grab onto.

4. Others

Here are a few more well-liked occupations in Malta:

  • Information Technology (e.g., software developers, IT support)

  • Healthcare (e.g., nurses, medical professionals)

  • Construction (e.g., architects, construction workers)

  • Customer service (e.g., call center agents, customer support representatives)

  • Education (e.g., teachers, academic administrators)

  • Retail (e.g., sales associates, store managers)

Where do I find them and Resources For Job Seekers:

You can easily navigate the job market in Malta with different avenues.

You are welcome to share our infographics while giving us credit.

  • Jobsplus Malta website: The official government portal for job seekers in Malta, offering job listings and resources for employment seekers.

  • EURES Malta: A network providing information and job-matching services for European job seekers interested in working in Malta.

  • Malta Chamber of Commerce: Offers job listings, networking opportunities, and resources for professionals in various industries.

  • CareerHub Malta: A platform for job seekers to find employment opportunities, internships, and career resources in Malta.

  • LinkedIn: Utilize the professional networking platform to connect with employers, recruiters, and access job postings in Malta.

  • Indeed Malta: An online job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources, including company websites and job boards.

  • Local newspapers: Check classified ads in newspapers such as The Malta Independent, Times of Malta, and Malta Today for job listings.

  • Recruitment agencies: Explore agencies and consultancies for tailored job placement assistance and career guidance.

  • Job fairs and events: Attend career fairs and networking events in Malta to meet potential employers and learn about job opportunities.

  • Social media: Follow companies and recruitment agencies on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for job updates and networking opportunities.


Malta offers a range of job opportunities across different sectors. If you're qualified, you can easily find jobs in areas like hospitality, tourism, and financial services, thanks to the growing economy.

Online job portals, recruitment agencies, networking events, and professional associations are great resources to help you discover job openings and break into the industry you're interested in.

Explore job listings to discover and apply for your ideal career opportunity.

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